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Rota Vicentina English Version: A Hidden Paradise

rota vicentina

Rota Vicentina takes us on a wonderful journey, between nature trails and cliffs, along one of the most beautiful and untouched coastlines of Europe.


Rota Vicentina. The path this time will consist of unspoiled coastline with breath taking views along both nature trails and cliffs in the South-West of Portugal.

Rota Vicentina @ Ph Annalisa Galloni

Rota Vicentina @ Ph Annalisa Galloni

After the Cammino di Santiago de Compostela, Annalisa Galloni was longing for the discovery of another path; a path with both beauty and unspoiled nature, the Rota Vicentina.

This time she will take you along her journey discovering the pristine Algrave coast with stage by stage summaries and photos. She will discuss the main difficulties experienced along the track, what to pack and where to sleep.

rota vicentina

Cabo S. Vicente, Rota Vicentina @ Ph Annalisa Galloni

But what is Rota Vicentina?

Rota Vicentina is a trail located in the South-West of Portugal. The way is divided into two different paths:

  • Historical Way:
    Mappa della Rota Vicentina: - Blue : Cammino dei pescatori - Verde : Cammino storico

    Mappa della Rota Vicentina:
    – Blue : Cammino dei pescatori
    – Verde : Cammino storico

    A 230km trail from Santiago do Cacém (North) to Cabo de São Vicente (South) or vice versa. The way consists of 12 stages approximately 25km long. The path takes you through historic towns, villages and monuments. The signage which directs you along this path is ‘white & red’ and is seen below:

    Historical Way Directions

    Historical Way Directions

  • Fishermen’s Way: A 111km trail which is divided into 4 stages that are included within the Historical Way and 5 complementary circuits. This trail will lead us along the spectacular Portuguese coastline from untouched beaches, to shear cliffs and beautiful natural parks. The signage which directs you along this path is “green & blue” and is seen below:

    Fishermen's Trail Directions

    Fishermen’s Trail Directions

Our journey will begin in Cabo de São and will finish in Santiago do Cacém. The trail will combine both the Historic Way and the Fishermen’s Trail.

The details of our trail stages is as followed:

  • “Cabo de S. Vincente” to “Villa do Bispo” (14 KM) + “circuito Telheiro beach” (6 KM) = 20 KM.
  • Villa do Bispo – Carrapateira 22 KM + circuito Pontal da Carrapateira 10 KM = 32 KM.
  • Carrapateira – Arrifana 24 KM.
  • Arrifana – Aljezur 12 KM + circuito Ponta da Atalaia 14 KM = 26 KM.
  • Aljezur – Odeceixe 18 KM + circuito Odeceixe beach 9 KM = 27 KM.

From here we will continue along the path of the Fishermen’s Trail:

rota vicentina

Rota Vicentina @ Ph Annalisa Galloni

  • Odeceixe – Zambujeira do Mar 18 KM
  • Zambujeira do Mar – Almograve 22 KM
  • Almograve – Vila Nova de Milfontes 15 KM
  • Vila Nova de Milfontes – Porto Covo 20 KM

The trail will then continue along the Historical Way:

  • Porto Covo – Cercal do Alentejo 18 KM
  • Cercal do Alentejo – Vale Seco 23 KM
  • Vale Seco – Santiago do Cacém 18 KM

From time to time we will update the article as we complete each section of our journey along the path. A link will be inserted to provide a summary of each stage. To stay up to date with our journey and travels subscribe to our Annalisa Galloni (Facebook Annalisa Galloni; Instagram Annalisa Galloni; Youtube Annalisa Galloni)

Translated by Joshua Zaghini (Facebook), Joshua Zaghini (Instagram).

Never stop seeking adventure 🙂